Wednesday, August 28, 2013

West Coast Book Launch!

Friday, September 6, 7:00 pm
Secret Garden Books

I will be interviewed by illustrator, author and spectacular extrovert Dana Sullivan.
The first 30 people in the door receive a free Storywoods 3D fun-pack of images and 3D glasses!

Also, I made a little display for you to see in the store:

See you there!
the end

ps: Books will be signed and sold!


  1. yay! I can't wait for that noted introvert Rebecca Dudley to FINALLY return to her Seattle roots and show off HANK! Rumor has it she's crafted a Hank suit for her husband John to wear at her west coast launch. Luckily, the weather has been turning a bit cooler, so John won't die in there. See you soon, Becca!

  2. . . . and what a totally fun book launch it was! HANK FINDS AN EGG is such a wonderful, sweet book. I am so very happy to have my signed copy :) Yay, Hank! Thank you, Rebecca!
    PS Spectacular extrovert Dana did a marvelous job interviewing you. Fun and fascinating!

  3. Dear Rebecca, we are students from Churchill in Ottawa Ontario and we were wondering if you would like to Skype with us for our genius hour project( to Skype with authors or artists to hear about there writers craft).Please contact us soon at Thank you,Clara,Maya and Erika