Sunday, May 12, 2013

One and Only Gallery Show of 2013

Storywoods is honored to have ten photographs included in the 'Construction Sites' exhibit
at The Lubeznik Center for the Arts opening on Friday, May 17. I hope to see you there!

the end


  1. what time is the opening?

  2. Dear Rebecca,

    I am a student from Churchill alternative school in Ottawa I loved your story called

    "hank finds an egg" and I was wondering if maybe me and my friends from my classroom

    could Skype you? it's a project that me and my friends are doing in school

    called "genius hour" we get to do something that is not school work for an hour but

    it has to be something good that we can learn from so not just playing computer games

    doing something useful!

    so me and my friends are skyping different authors that we love that are still alive

    and we have chosen you!

    so please reply to my comment as soon as possible! THANK YOU!